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I’d just like to leave a quick review after my recent experience of dealing with Varco. I am a local business women, owning a restaurant business in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan established since 1998. Between 2005-2012, myself and my husband decided to branch into property development, and have since completed two fairly large projects in Cardiff. As a result of this, we have encountered many local property consultants/ specialists in guiding us through the design aspects and in advising us through our various statutory obligations. Whilst we have now successfully completed our projects, unfortunately we found our experience with past consultants to be somewhat difficult, and in some instances found other firms to be quite unapproachable and unaccommodating leaving us in quite awkward situations. As a result of our unfortunate past dealings, and I would like to state including that with relatively established consultancy practices in the area, we thought we would try a change and approach Varco who had recently opened an office in our area. This time around, it was essential for us to get to know the people we were going to work with at the outset prior to engaging their services. We therefore approached Varco to advise us through one of our new projects, and at the outset found Bilal, Arshad and his team to be very accommodating. Whilst we are still in the process of our project, to date I have personally found Bilal (our consultant) to be a professional, efficient, flexible, and a very friendly person to deal with. Whilst dealing with this recent project, Bilal has also since helped us through an issue on one of our other projects which really had myself and my husband worked up, namely due to the fact that our previous consultants had not completed what they had started. To conclude, I can therefore comfortably say that in comparison with our previous experience of dealing with property consultants from South Wales whom we had engaged on our past projects, I would quite comfortably recommend Varco Consultants to people requiring Architectural Services or any property related advice for that matter. Mr & Mrs Yang.

Mr  & Mrs Yang, Cardiff